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The UK is known for quality education. According to the rule, education is compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 16. Law, business and engineering are the primary subjects which are adopted by students because the training given for these subjects in the UK are of high standard and quality. The UK is a country where a lot of resources are utilised, and a lot of money is spent on maintaining the quality and standard of education in the country. The universities and other educational institutions in the UK have got the most advanced facilities to keep the standard of education. Students from different parts of the world depend on the universities of the UK for their educational needs. The UK is found to be the 6th country to offer a variety of courses. Four topmost universities in the world are in the UK. These are the facts which attract the students of the different part of the people to the UK for their education.

The following documents are necessary to get student visa from India to the UK.

  • Certificate to prove the fluency in English e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, Etc
  • 1. Attested copies of certificates such as X, XII and Degree (if relevant), mark sheets along with Re-sits
  • 2. Two academic references
  • 3. Two references from employees (if required)
  • 4. CV/Resume
  • 5. Passport size photographs
  • 6. Portfolio – for Architecture, Art and Design Courses
  • 7. Application fees draft (if required)
  • 8. Extracurricular achievements and related certificates

The students are requested to register with STUDY DIRECT to get information about the admission process which is carried out in the UK and receive advice about the study opportunities. The registered students will be given proper guidance to search for admissions in institutions which are preferred by them according to their academic background.

  • -> Registration
  • -> Process of Profiling
  • -> Requirement of standardised test
  • -> Choice of university and course
  • -> Correction Of Documents
  • -> Review and evaluation of Application and Submission
  • -> Preparing for the interview
  • -> Visa counselling
  • -> Information about pre-departure

The United Kingdom (UK) is known for high-quality education where universities and colleges that commenced in the 12th and 13th century still exists. Further to the strong base in education, the UK has become the benchmark against which the education quality of other universities around the world would be compared.

  • 1. Short Term Courses
  • 2. High Quality Education
  • 3. Learn and work simultaneously
  • 4. Scholarships and Financial Support
  • 5. Best Universities
  • 6. Travel Europe when studying
  • 7. Medical benefits


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