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Finding out the appropriate university and course for your overseas education is the most imperative task. It tedious to choose the right university and course, as there are numerous options available. The university that you chose for your course has a significant influence on your future life.

SBL International is associated with the top-level universities in the UK, and therefore, we promise you the best opportunities for study abroad.

Our team comprises a group of passionate and enthusiastic executives and counsellors who are highly dedicated and committed to helping the students get admissions to the most reputed universities and colleges in the UK. You can undergo the appropriate educational course in the right university and thereby find your career path through the complete support provided by SBL International.

We help you with the guidelines and instructions for the admission process and quickly attain the admission in the reputed institutions. SBL International will provide you with comprehensive details of the various courses offered in the reputed universities, thereby facilitating choosing the best option.

Procedure for Admission of Overseas Education

SBL International will introduce you to the main seven steps involved in the admission process of study abroad with great care and attention that will enable you to seek admission in the best institution.

Need-based scholarship Step1: Profiling

At first, we will undergo complete profiling of the student that will help us give valuable counselling regarding the most suitable course, university, institution, and country. An efficient admission counsellor who is well informed about the educational qualifications, economic status, career objectives and previous work experience of each student will be appointed to perform the profiling process of the student. With this detailed information about the student, you will be able to select the appropriate course with the assistance of our counsellor.

Step 2: Standardised Tests

Your scores in the standardised test like IELTS, GMAT, etc., have to be verified as they let us know the level of aptitude of the students significantly. Additionally, these scores will determine the target score that you need to attain in the test of a particular institution. Our admission counsellor will make arrangements for the required tests if you have not done.

Step 3: Choosing the country/university/course

The essential aspect of overseas education is to select a specific course. To achieve your goals, you need to take a sensible decision as study abroad is costly. However, on checking your profile efficiently, our admission counsellor can make a list of universities you can enrol in. You can make the final decision by talking it over with your family and friends.

Step 4: Document Editing

The approval of the UK student visa requires submitting documents with the correct information. If any failure occurs in including the accurate information in application processes, there are chances that the visa will get rejected or a delay in the visa processing. Prolonged delays of visa approval can result in the cancellation of admission to the university. Once you have finalised the university you chose to pursue, the SBL International admission team can critically look into your submitted documents. You will have to gather and draft the required documents. However, our team will modify its format, structure and vocabulary. This will help you present the application professionally before the university and include all the critical information efficiently.

Step 5: Review and Submission of Application

The application has to be reviewed clearly and precisely before it is submitted to the concerned universities. This is a very crucial stage of the admission process as the application is ready to be sent. As part of this, our application professionals at SBL International will assist you in verifying the accuracy of the prepared documents.

Step 6: Preparation of Interview

Our consultants are well aware of the interview questions that the different Universities frequently ask. So we will be able to give you mock sessions of the interviews that will help you to perform well in the final interview.

Step 7: Visa Counselling

To study abroad, it is necessary to have a valid visa. Our team, including the overseas education consultant, at SBL International, can help you submit all the relevant documents for visa approval without any delay or rejection. We will also assist you in the interviews conducted by the Embassy or High Commission. In addition to the University admission procedures, you can ask for guidance from us for a wide range of Value-Added Services.

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