Study abroad scholarships help students to reduce the expenses in overseas education. He scholarship opportunities are available to the students worldwide. Derec Bok, the former president of Harvard, says, “If the cost of education is found highly expensive, try ignorance.” Therefore long term investment must be required for education. Some of the universities and governments provide study abroad scholarships, and it helps the students to receive a quality education at an affordable cost.

Five types of overseas educational scholarships:

Merit-based scholarship
The merit-based scholarship refers to the provision of financial assistance for education based on the academic, artistic and athletic performance of the students. The performance of the students is evaluated through performance records and scholarship tests. With the entry of merit-based scholarships in overseas education, there is a competition among the colleges to get the best students in their institutions.
Need-based scholarship
The need-based scholarship is the provision of financial assistance to the students who require financial help to study overseas. Considering the financial condition of the student, a specific amount of the total tuition fees and the living cost.
Career specification-based scholarship
The career specification-based scholarship can help students who choose career-oriented courses. Such students try to select educational institutions which give priority to the career after the study. The colleges or universities of such category encourage the students to identify and develop the skills to find a better career after the course.
College-based scholarship
Today, there is large competition existing among the colleges, universities and other educational institutions to get the best students based on skills and knowledge to increase their identity. Such institutions provide financial helps to the students in the form of study scholarships based on the academic and the extracurricular performance of the students.
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