Working Opportunities While Studying in the UK

In addition to studying full time in the UK, there is an abundance of opportunities to work as well. Ideally, those who wish to study and work in UK can avail ample opportunities. This includes part-time work and may also include various volunteering endeavours.

However, it must be noted that students should not run any risk and ensure that their work falls in line with the rules and regulations as per their student visa. There are various roles that they can fulfil which are compliant.


Naturally, several requirements must be met before a student can seek part-time work in the UK. First and foremost, to study and work in UK simultaneously, students must ascertain their eligibility.

This is determined by the rules set out in their visas. For example, individual student visas specify how many hours a week, a student can work on the paper itself. Typically, a student is allowed either 10 or 20 hours per week.

Before applying, students should consult the relevant personnel at their university as well, since it is likely that they have their own set of rules that should not be violated. For instance, if a university has categorically specified that students are not eligible to work, then these restrictions must be adhered to.

Nevertheless, students can manage both studies and work in UK successfully. The chances of finding part-time roles are higher in bigger cities like London. There are always international students who want to ease the financial burden, which is what encourages them to seek such jobs.

Another aspect of finding work while studying is that a lot of universities offer part-time roles on the campus. For instance, several part-time and higher-paying functions are available at universities at the start of the semester as local and international students make their way there.

Again, it must be noted that the official student visa, i.e. the Tier 4 visa, mentions the number of hours a student can work. Generally, if you are aged 16 or under and have a Tier 4 visa, then you are not permitted to work. However, as long as these stipulations are followed, students can effectively study and work in UK.

Another facet of working while studying in UK is that the regulations mentioned above are only applicable to international students who venture from outside the European Union. Those who are not from UK but originate from an EU country such as France or Germany do not need permission to find work.

On the other hand, international non-EU students must follow their Tier 4 visa. Like we mentioned earlier, the visa vignette that is applied to their passport will contain a short sentence that states how many hours they are allowed to work. Typically the sticker may indicate that 10 or 20 hours per week maximum are permissible during term time.

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