Study in UK After 12th

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Do you wish to review during a supportive academic environment where your professors are approachable or your classrooms reflect multiculturalism? Or does one want to enter a workforce with qualifications that are respected and accepted around the globe? If yes, then you would like to start your education journey after 12th in the UK. The UK is home to a number of the world’s top research facilities and academic institutions.

International students are increasing at a better rate with each passing year. The standard standards of the United Kingdom programs are among the very best and are assured by the govt agencies and assessment mechanisms.

Why Study in the UK after 12th?

1. Educational excellence

The UK is home to a number of the oldest universities within the world that carry a heritage of quality education. There’s a high chance that the university you select to review in the UK after 12th.

2. Duration of the course

The UK offers courses of shorter duration. It allows students to get their degrees during a small period. A typical Bachelor degree would take three years, and a further Masters degree would take another two years. But within the UK, after completing three years of bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree is going to be wiped out a year only.

3. Fewer lecture hours

Universities within the UK focus more on practical knowledge than on theoretical knowledge. They embrace students to teach the practice of self-learning. Students spend tons of your time experimenting and researching in labs, solving case studies, internships, and participate in extra-curricular activities.

4. Diversity

Students can now enjoy and study different cultures, beliefs, traditions alongside studying for the course.

5. Employment

The top employers within the world highly regard graduates from British universities. They know the worth and quality of education.

Best Courses

With a plethora in fact options available to review within the UK, it’s tough to settle on the proper course. Here may be a stream-wise list of popular courses that you can prefer to study in the UK after 12th:-

a) Commerce Stream
b) Humanities Stream
c) Science (Non-Medical) Stream
d) Science (Medical) Stream

Application Prerequisite

The application procedure of applying to a bachelor’s program relies upon the course and scholarly establishment.
Documents required applying to a post-graduate program:-

1. An online application form.
2. Academic introductory letter.
3. Personal explanation or mission statement.
4. Three scholarly suggestion letters.
5. Certified duplicates of your transcripts of past training.
6. If you have a place with a nation where English isn’t your primary language, at that point you’d wish to offer verification of your English capability by taking either IELTS or TOEFL test.

Visa Requirement

1. Letter of acknowledgement of a course from a college or colleges.
2. English language capability test scores.
3. Evidence of adequate funds to cover your education costs and cost of living during the bachelor’s program.

Health Insurance

It is vital to have health insurance protection while you are studying in the UK. It gives access to NHS services to international students in the same equation as the UK citizen.

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Four Reasons to Study an MBA in London

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1. It Has Some of the Best Business Schools

London is home to a number of the most effective business schools within the world, with London graduate school, Imperial College London and university London all ranked within the top 50 globally (Financial Times 2017).

2. Graduates Earn More in London

Information published by salary comparison website Emolument showed that folks who add London earn on the average $90,000 more than those in other European cities like Munich and Paris.

Of the business schools mentioned above, MBA graduates can expect to earn $112,000 at Imperial College London, $121,000 at university and an enormous $154,000 at London graduate school, all but three years after graduation.

3. Unrivalled Access to Global Companies

London is one among the financial heavyweights of the world, and students will have access to a number of the world’s leading companies for work experience and employment.

Networking is additionally a large factor when studying an MBA and being in London will allow you to fulfil many various people from everywhere the world.

4. Student Diversity

London is home to several different cultures and nationalities from around the world, and students can expect to find out alongside them throughout their time within the capital.

93% of the scholars on the London business school MBA are international, 81% are at Cass and 88% at Imperial College London. You’ll make many new friends and feel right at home amongst students kind of like yourself.

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Why You Should Do an MBA in the UK?

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In this competitive and international world of business, the qualifications you have got on your aspect may be the key to unlocking those higher-level jobs and advancing your career. An MBA – Masters of Business Administration – is turning into progressively standard to graduates each new and mature, and find out for one at one of the UK’s prestigious establishments has worth in firms across every sector and throughout the world. Here are merely many reasons why you must be learning for your MBA within the UK.

1.Industry Connections

The UK is one amongst the foremost distinguished players within the world trade, with specific strengths in financial services, accounting, aerospace engineering and pharmaceuticals. Several UK universities have so created strong links with the leaders within the profession through micro-placements, work expertise or networking events which will connect you with accomplishment managers from world leaders in your field. Some MBAs also are supported by specific corporations and have alumni who can return and provides talks or provide opportunities to different students finding out for the qualification.

2.High-Quality Education

The proof is within the pudding: within the world rankings of the hundred prime universities, the UK has sixteen institutions within the list, as well as four that sit within the high ten: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and University College London. Add those to different prestigious Russell group universities with secure business connections and top MBA programmes like Manchester, Durham and Warwick and the UK offers rigorous coaching that’ll place your CV on top of the remainder.


Unlike another international institution, the overall value of learning a master’s degree in the UK is lower than it’d be to study in another country just like us. The courses typically solely last for one year, and tuition starts at around £7,000 for foremost teaching. Counting on wherever you’re learning, you’ll be offered accommodation on the campuses if your course is intensive. In other instances, if your company or place of labour is sponsoring you, the lower value will be seen as a larger incentive for them to support your endeavour of this distinctive qualification.

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Best Universities for Computer Science in the UK

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There are more than 120 universities in the United Kingdom. Therefore, when students are faced with the all-important decision of pursuing higher education, they are spoilt for choice. Some of the finest academic institutions and most prestigious universities are found in the United Kingdom. They teach all kinds of subjects and offer the most relevant degree courses. For example, if you are looking for the best UK universities for computer science, you have an embarrassment of riches. We will look at some of the first options available to students.

University of Oxford

Known as one of the best universities on the planet, The University of Oxford has garnered considerable prestige over the decades and enjoys a stellar reputation among students and teachers.

There are hundreds of courses on offer, and only the most brilliant and capable students are accepted into the university. Therefore, if you have the required grades and are looking to study in UK, then Oxford should be on your list.

In recent years, universities have coined more degree programs to meet the demand for computer science courses. However, The University of Oxford boasts one of the oldest departments in the country.

The department offers lectures for undergraduate students and also has excellent training facilities for postgraduate ones. Besides several fundamental computing subjects, the university also offers courses that combine the most relevant topics when it comes to computer science.

Examples include quantum computing, information systems, computational linguistics and many others. The undergraduate degrees on offer include computer science with honours, computer science and maths and computer science and philosophy as well.

University of Cambridge

Since we’re discussing the crème de la crème, we must mention The University of Cambridge. Another world-class institute that is regarded as one of the best, Cambridge has its excellent computer science study abroad programs.

Therefore, when seeking the best UK universities, Cambridge is well worth a look. Their phenomenal computer science department provides undergraduate students with the Computer Science Tripos course, which takes three or four years to complete.

For those who have already finished their bachelor’s degree and are looking for the best UK universities for computer science in postgraduate studies, then Cambridge offers an MPhil in computer science as well. Of course, a master’s degree is also provided to the best students.

Also, there are several research-oriented groups in the computer science department where the most pertinent subjects like artificial intelligence, computing security and architecture are studied.

University of Nottingham

Another viable option if you’re looking to study abroad is The University of Nottingham. Located in the Midlands, Nottingham is consistently among the top 100 universities worldwide.

With campuses in the UK as well as Malaysia and China, it enjoys an extraordinary reputation among students and employers across the globe. When it comes to computer science, Nottingham has a modern curriculum which includes computer science itself and is combined with other principles like artificial intelligence and even business modules like management studies.

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