Scholarship to Study in UK for International Students

The only downside of studying in the United Kingdom is that it does not come cheap. For example, foreign exchange rates are not kind to students who hail from developing countries. As such, we will look at scholarships to study in the UK.

If you combine airfare and accommodation to other costs like visa processing, health insurance and the most important (and variable one) tuition fees, then it can put a burden on students and their families.
This is where scholarships to study in the UK are essential since they facilitate students who may not be able to study in the UK otherwise. We will look at avenues that students should explore.

UK Government

The government of the UK actively works to enable deserving students to realise their dream of studying there. For instance, they provide the Chevening Scholarship through their initiative. This is a global scholarship award that all international students can apply for. The eligibility criteria are that students must apply for at least three-degree courses in the UK.

Another excellent initiative from the UK government is the Commonwealth scholarship award. Those candidates who reside in a commonwealth country such as Bangladesh are eligible for it. The Commonwealth scholarship is awarded to students who are looking to study a postgraduate degree.

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) is responsible for the provision of funding. This is likely to cover several variable costs like tuition fees, exam fees, cost of flights as well as a personal maintenance allowance and an initial arrival allowance too.


The other option available to students is that they carry out extensive research and find out if the institutes they want to study at are offering scholarships. The vast majority of universities in UK offer a variety of scholarship awards to students. The amount may vary, but the idea is the same: scholarships help ease the burden on students and their families.

For example, The University of Nottingham has coined the Developing Solutions Scholarship award. If a student is from the continent of Africa, India or several other developing Commonwealth countries and they want to return to their country after completing their postgraduate degree, then they are eligible for this award.

The university seeks out deserving candidates who have the desire to help in improving their own country. There are over a hundred slots available annually, and 30 of these cover the entire tuition fees of students while the remaining ones subsidise 50% of the fees.

Another example of scholarships to study in the UK is the University of Westminster International Scholarships. Similar to the award mentioned above given by The University of Nottingham, Westminster also gives the scholarship to students who come from developing countries and want to study for a master’s degree. Those who are successful can enjoy free tuition, accommodation, flights as well as living costs!

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