How to Get a Full Scholarship in UK Universities?

Studying at a university in the UK can be an arduous task when it comes to the management of finances. The studies itself and the cost of living can be quite excessive at times. Not to forget that for some international students, their local currency may be depreciating continually, thus making the pound sterling more expensive to obtain. In light of such concerns, we will look at UK scholarship options that prospective students can apply for to ease some of the pressure.

The Chevening Scholarships

One of the best-known scholarship awards that students can acquire is called the Chevening Scholarships. These awards are offered directly by the UK government and are typically given to students with an extraordinary academic performance. Also, these candidates must exhibit other qualities like excellent leadership skills to attain the Chevening Scholarship.

The British Embassies worldwide are involved in the process since they select the recipients of this prestigious award. Each year, there are more than 1500 slots up for grabs under this title for those looking for Study abroad scholarship options. For instance, the Chevening award offers brilliant students a chance to pursue a postgraduate degree at any of UK’s best universities. Therefore, if you’re looking for a UK scholarship, then the Chevening Scholarship is well worth a look.

The Commonwealth Scholarships

The British Empire ruled over many countries once upon a time. A remnant of their ascendancy was that the lands they controlled are now regarded as Commonwealth countries. An advantage of that in the modern day is that UK scholarships are available under the name of Commonwealth Scholarships.

In simple terms, students who reside in Commonwealth countries may be eligible for the award, assuming they meet the prerequisites. The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) is a designated body that selects recipients of scholarships and fellowships for higher education.

Typically, those who are chosen must have an excellent academic history, and the CSC also evaluates their potential to earn and help those back home. Besides, the award also includes the price of airfare. Besides travel, it also covers the tuition and exam fees, as well as a personal allowance, dissertation grants, an initial arrival compensation and various other costs too.

The Royal Society Grants

The Royal Society is a fellowship that awards UK scholarships to students. It is comprised of the world’s most pre-eminent scientists and is, in fact, the oldest science-oriented academy in the region.

This independent academy is responsible for the promotion of excellence in the field of science, which is why they provide scholarships for many impressive and promising students from around the world.

The Global Study Awards

This particular award is the result of a partnership between Study portals, ISIC and the British Council. It is designed to encourage promising students to study overseas so that they can explore new countries and cultures and exploit fantastic opportunities to maximise their potential.

Typically, a UK scholarship worth 10000 pounds is on offer twice a year to international students. This is also done in a bid to expand intercultural integration and allow these students to broaden their horizons by studying in the UK.

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