Education Loan for Study Abroad

Education loan for study abroad is one of the many options which helps students pursue higher education. With various banking institutions providing a vivid range of services applicants are able to cover all expenses of overseas education like tuition fees, living expenses, travel, and even student healthcare-insurance services.

Universities have gladly accepted diversity in their talent pool with Indian students and study-abroad-student-loans have aided in doing so. The aim of higher education abroad, for specialized learning, is now becoming a more credible reality for students of India. But not many students are completely aware of education funding options for study abroad. Students are often found to have missed the opportunities of their life for want of regular financial limitations. Information about the education loans to study abroad is required for Indians to realize their educational aspirations, undeterred and independently.


Scholarships and fellowships for foreign education have featured as only options for students to pursue higher education abroad. But with education loans now covering maximum expenses and global employment scenario enabling students to repay their loans easily, students have started to look beyond scholarships.

Common benefits of student loan for abroad are:

  • Complete financial freedom: maximum expenses covered, including living expenses and healthcare expenses.
  • Additional features: consolidation of loans, outward-remittances, loan-insurance and student VISA assistance.
  • Ease of repayment: longer loan tenures, part-payment options, no-margin money, no pre-payment charges.
  • Greater options of loan eligibility: loan against deposits and securities, not limited to property.
  • Education Loan subsidies: interest rate subsidy, loan forgiveness options, sponsorship.
  • Tax and other benefits: covered by both banking norms (IBA) and government policies (Income Tax Act, section 80E)

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