Why You Should Do an MBA in the UK?

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In this competitive and international world of business, the qualifications you have got on your aspect may be the key to unlocking those higher-level jobs and advancing your career. An MBA – Masters of Business Administration – is turning into progressively standard to graduates each new and mature, and find out for one at one of the UK’s prestigious establishments has worth in firms across every sector and throughout the world. Here are merely many reasons why you must be learning for your MBA within the UK.

1.Industry Connections

The UK is one amongst the foremost distinguished players within the world trade, with specific strengths in financial services, accounting, aerospace engineering and pharmaceuticals. Several UK universities have so created strong links with the leaders within the profession through micro-placements, work expertise or networking events which will connect you with accomplishment managers from world leaders in your field. Some MBAs also are supported by specific corporations and have alumni who can return and provides talks or provide opportunities to different students finding out for the qualification.

2.High-Quality Education

The proof is within the pudding: within the world rankings of the hundred prime universities, the UK has sixteen institutions within the list, as well as four that sit within the high ten: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and University College London. Add those to different prestigious Russell group universities with secure business connections and top MBA programmes like Manchester, Durham and Warwick and the UK offers rigorous coaching that’ll place your CV on top of the remainder.


Unlike another international institution, the overall value of learning a master’s degree in the UK is lower than it’d be to study in another country just like us. The courses typically solely last for one year, and tuition starts at around £7,000 for foremost teaching. Counting on wherever you’re learning, you’ll be offered accommodation on the campuses if your course is intensive. In other instances, if your company or place of labour is sponsoring you, the lower value will be seen as a larger incentive for them to support your endeavour of this distinctive qualification.

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Benefits of Studying Business in the UK

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Grow your Career in Business in the UK

For any international student with dreams of making it big in business, the UK offers one of the most exciting, affordable and academically respected destinations in the world.

Up and down the country, you’ll find a vast array of courses set up to give you the creative business insights and world-class administration skills you need to succeed.

Access world-class Business Expertise for Less

Whether you plan to work for a large organisation or start your own from the ground up, UK business degrees offer excellent value for money. International postgraduates can complete an MBA in just one year, meaning you’ll be out making an impression on employers and customers well ahead of the competition.

You’ll get to learn from some of the smartest brains in business too, hearing from a range of leading industry voices, which will help you develop a versatile global approach to business challenges. You’ll be tackling real-world problems flexibly, alongside fellow international students with a wide range of perspectives. No matter what sector you’re most interested in, you’ll leave with the deep understanding of the core business principles and emerging technological possibilities that you need to make your mark.

What will you be learning?

  • Finance
    • Your studies will be grounded in a solid understanding of the financial aspects of business, covering the essentials of economics and accounting that all business-minded professionals depend on.
  • Strategy and Information systems
    • You’ll gain knowledge of the inner workings of different businesses, from the earliest challenges of writing a business plan to business decision modelling and the conditions required for regional companies to grow into international organisations.
  • Human Resource Management and Law
    • A UK business degree will also give you a wide range of insights into the key aspects that underpin the smooth running of any business, from Human Resources to the legal contracts that hold everything together.
  • Marketing and Digital
    • Many courses provide insights into the arts of branding and marketing, with a specific focus on the digital technologies that are playing an ever-important role in business worldwide, particularly in e-commerce.
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking
    • Problem-solving is an essential skill for anyone in the business. In the UK, you’ll learn how to apply flexible, logical thinking to all manner of problems, helping you build the self-motivation and time-management needed to lead employees and deliver results.

There is no better option than a business qualification if you are passionate about making a positive contribution to business affairs. Contact SBL International via admission@sblintl.com or call us at +44 20 3637 8765 or +91 495 401 0960 for guidance.

What Are the Supporting Documents for University Admission?

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If you are visiting SBL International for your free consultation, use this checklist to ensure you bring along all your documents so we can make the most of your appointment.

Required documents

  • Copy of passport/visa (if available)
  • Academic transcript
  • Certificate of graduation
  • Certificate of English proficiency – IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test/Other
  • Personal statement
  • Reference letters
  • CV (if applicable)

Additional documents

  • Postgraduate
    • Certificate of graduation/bachelor’s degree
  • PhD/Research
    • Certificate of graduation/master’s degree
    • Research proposal
  • Previous UK Education History
    • Previous CAS letter
    • Confirmation of enrolment
    • Previous visas (Visa stamp and biometric card)

Personal Statement

A personal statement is required when applying to UK universities. In it, students are tasked with writing about what they hope to do on the course, what they hope to do after the course and why they are applying.

Reference Letters

References are usually written by someone who knows you academically or professionally. Most references will talk about you from a teacher’s or supervisor’s perspective: the way in which you interact with other students and your performance in classes and seminars.

Your reference does not have to be academic, but if you’re studying or have recently completed school or college, an academic reference is expected. Choosing the right referee is crucial for your application to university. Things to consider:

  • Choose an appropriate referee
  • Print on official company or university letterhead
  • Explain the relationship between you and the referee
  • Express confidence that you will complete the course
  • Don’t forget the significance of the referee

Essential Study Guide for Foundation Courses in UK

UK Foundation Courses

What is a Foundation Course?

Foundation courses in UK are designed to help students prepare for their first year in college. Mostly students who do not meet the eligibility criteria of an undergraduate program at a university must take a foundation course. A foundation course is a one-year preparatory course for international students mostly school-leavers, those with poor English or who come from a different education system and have not completed 13 years of education.

The Aim of Foundation Course:

A foundation course aims to fill in the gaps in a person’s education and to familiarise them with the UK culture so they can easily transition into life in the UK. After completing the one-year foundation course, the students become eligible for attending university in the UK to pursue a degree of their choice unless they fail the course or do not meet any other requirement of the university. According to the Higher Education Student Statistics, between 2016 and 2017, as many as 36,975 students enrolled in foundation courses so they could pursue a degree at a university in the UK.

The Requirements for being eligible for a Foundation Course:

However, not anyone and everyone can enrol in the foundation courses in UK. An international student must fulfil a particular set of criterion to be eligible for enrolling in these courses. Here is the list of documents, which a student must have along with the requirements that he or she needs to meet:

  • A minimum overall IELTS score of 4.5 or equivalent
  • A reference letter from the student’s high school teacher
  • A personal statement for the university
  • Certificate from the more senior secondary school the student attended
  • Students transcripts from the secondary school he/she attended
  • A scanned copy of the student’s passport
  • A scanned copy of the student visa

If you are thinking about applying for the foundation program to view the course fee or any other requirements, check the university website or SBL International can guide you. Send an enquiry to admission@sblintl.com or ping us at +44 20 3637 8765/ +91 495 401 0960.

Postgraduate Degree in UK for International Students

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It is a highly competitive job market out there, and you need to enhance your skills to stand out from the pack. A postgraduate degree is a respected qualification, and it helps in adding value to your CV, thereby increasing your chances of employability. A Postgraduate degree makes you a specialist in your area of study by giving you in-depth knowledge about the subject, and you will be better able to get through interviews and tests.

While a postgraduate degree can get you good job prospects, getting a PG degree in the UK is even more valued. This is because UK is known for prestigious institutions and high academic standards.

Why Postgraduate degree in the UK?

  • Higher education in the UK is famous for its teaching quality and research. Many UK Universities have top-class facilities for research.
  • UK Universities let you think creatively. You can learn independently in a stimulating environment. This enhances your thinking ability and makes you more confident too.
  • A UK postgraduate degree is valued and recognised across the globe.
  • You can improve your English by studying in the UK and thereby increase your chances of employability anywhere in the world.
  • The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) will assess the teaching quality in UK institutions for Higher Education. This leads to an excellent quality education.

Entry requirements for a Postgraduate degree in the UK

The entry requirements differ with each university. If the university has a higher ranking, the conditions will be more top. You need to have a first degree besides English language skills.  If you are unable to meet the entry requirements, you can take up a Pre-Masters programme in your chosen area of study.

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How to Find the Most Suitable University Course?

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When a student reaches a higher education level, the course determination becomes an essential part. There are more than 50,000 courses are available in UK universities. Student’s university life almost entirely depends on the perfect course selection.

If someone chooses an incorrect path, then most likely, the student will lose his motive from the study during university life. But selecting a perfect course is always a challenging decision. Somewhat it is even more difficult than choosing the right University.

  • 1. Choosing the right course:
    • Most of the students are already determined about what they want to study. However, some of the students cannot pick suitably which course or subject areas to consider from many course options.
  • 2. Choosing how to study your chosen course:
    • In the UK, there are several ways or methods to study the desired courses such as Full-time, Part-time, Joint honours, accelerated degrees, online study and other flexible learning option. A student should decide first how to study their courses.
  • 3. Courses and career opportunities:
    • While choosing the courses, one should consider the possible career options after finishing the study.
  • 4. What else you should consider when looking for a course:
    • Are you familiar with the course contents?
    • Are you enthusiastic about the course?
    • Check if you need an IELTS score to study the course
    • Check if your desired university is offering the path you have chosen a university course
  • 5. If you found a class that you like:
    • When you discovered your preferred route you should also check if the course has any work experience and if all modules of the course are perfect for you.

SBL International can help you find the perfect course at your preferred university. Call us at +44 20 3637 8765 to discuss foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate courses and entry requirements.

Why Choose UK Universities for Higher Studies?

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Discover Why UK Universities

  • UK university admission process is simple. GRE score is not required; you need GPA, IELTS, your statement and references. You get a degree faster here – three years for a Bachelor degree (Undergraduate) and one year for a Masters program (Postgraduate).
  • You pay less tuition fee in UK universities than in the US. There is a range of scholarship available for international students in almost every University. You would be pleased to know that UK degrees are recognised worldwide. There should be no cause to worry.
  • The academic standards at UK universities are highly valued. UK higher education is world-class and well renowned.
  • One more point to be considered to apply for UK universities in the style of teaching. TEF – Teaching Excellence Framework assessment is being introduced by the government to measure the quality of teaching in UK at higher education institutions. The criteria against which TEF rating would be given are Quality of teaching, learning environment and student outcomes and learning gain.
  • The UK quality assurance ensures that the standards prescribed by the government of UK are taken into account. So be assured of getting the best of resources! This ensures leaving you ready for the global workplace.

Internship Option

There are summer internships where the students gain work experience hands-on. Some courses make it mandatory for the students to work in the industry for a year. This is very important as employers want the graduates to be production-ready. This also gives the just out of college graduates the required confidence to face the interviews.

Why choose to study in London

  • London is a diverse city with students from around 200 countries studying there each academic year.
  • There are more than 45 universities in London offering world-class teaching. London boasts of some of the best universities.
  • The choice of course for a student is many – there are more than 30,000 courses offered by universities in London such as engineering, marketing, zoology, medicine and business, to name a few.
  • London is also famous for its excellent academic record. Boost your career by studying at a world-class London institute which moulds your ability and creativity.
  • London is a great place to live and study. There are many cinema halls, parks, restaurants and bars to make a living in London enjoyable and memorable!
  • If you want to work in the UK after your studies, apply for an extension of visa, there are various options out there which depends on the employment you would want to take up.

SBL International can assure you the best university experience for the students by giving an excellent social life, warm, welcoming campus and lovely people. If you have queries regarding university admissions send a mail to admission@sblintl.com.

A Guide to UK Universities Ranking Top in Medical Studies

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We will be discussing top UK universities ranking that is known for its excellent medical programs.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford enjoys an excellent reputation in the medical and scientific fields. The teaching methodology of this university is much similar to Cambridge, few students under each tutor resulting in better focus. The University of Oxford has different small colleges that are part of the leading university.

The medical program is of 6 years, which entails of preclinical studies in the first three years, and the last three are dedicated to clinical placements. In the 3rd year of the program, BA in medical is started. If students clear their preclinical years, they enter into a BA degree program, which then makes them eligible for clinical placements.

University of Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the oldest university in the UK that offers extensive programs in almost every discipline and falls among top UK universities ranking. Every year hundreds of medical student graduate for this university ready to serve humanity. The concept of small teaching group under excellent supervision brings out best in every student, this teaching model in one of the best among all.

The University of Cambridge offers a full six years medicine program that involves a BA degree in its 3rd year, which is equivalent to the BSc degree. In the first three years, the program is more preclinical studies focused. This learning experience gives a clear understanding of the fundamentals. By the 4th year, students are placed in clinical rotations in different hospitals for firsthand experience.

Swansea University

Swansea University is not like the others; it welcomes medical students at the graduate program. The university was recognised as one of the ‘Top UK 30 of Research Excellence’ in 2014. They have maintained their standard in research until today and continue to bring excellence. The Swansea University enjoys the third position in UK universities ranking for medical studies.

They offer a 4-year graduate medicine program; in the first two years, students are provided with different learning opportunities along with an internship. In the last two years, the students are placed in various clinical settings in accordance to their specialisation interests.  Furthermore, there are different masters and PhD programs offered in the medical discipline.

For more information about the study overseas application process and eligibility criteria and learn more about admissions in UK universities for international students ranking top in medical studies, reach out to SBL International via admission@sblintl.com or +44 20 3637 8765 for help.

The Benefits of Pursuing a Business Degree in UK

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It is not uncommon for high school graduates to feel lost when having to choose which degree to pursue in university. There are many degrees and specialisations available for prospective students to choose, according to their interest and grades about the subject. Most students opt for a business degree in UK, because of its benefits. Here are some of the reasons why pursuing a business degree in UK may be the best option for you.

Global Market

What you learn while studying business at the university level can be applied worldwide, as most markets are merging and the global village allows business-related jobs to be applicable all over the world. Most companies look for business graduates internationally, and opting for a business degree in UK will ensure that you will have a job with an excellent package within six months after graduation.

The diverse range of jobs

One of the best parts about a UK business degree is that even if you later decide to pursue another line of work, all the skills and knowledge you have acquired during your degree can come in handy. A business degree in UK can help you understand the operational side of organisations, improve your decision-making skills and in general improve many aspects of your personal and work life.

A balance of theoretical and practical subjects

For students who are confused about whether they should choose between degrees that include possible work or a purely theory-based degree will get the best of both worlds if they opt for a business degree in UK, as the degree entails both learning relevant business techniques and applying them in the real world.

A dual honours

A dual honours degree means that a student can combine their business degree with another degree that you are passionate about. Most business schools do offer this type of degree. Also, the modules and courses offered for business students is expansive, which gives students a wide array of specialization options for the future.

SBL International can guide the students who are looking to study abroad for higher education in the Top Universities in the UK, send us an email to admission@sblintl.com or ping us at +44 20 3637 8765.