Best Universities for Computer Science in the UK

There are more than 120 universities in the United Kingdom. Therefore, when students are faced with the all-important decision of pursuing higher education, they are spoilt for choice. Some of the finest academic institutions and most prestigious universities are found in the United Kingdom. They teach all kinds of subjects and offer the most relevant degree courses. For example, if you are looking for the best UK universities for computer science, you have an embarrassment of riches. We will look at some of the first options available to students.

University of Oxford

Known as one of the best universities on the planet, The University of Oxford has garnered considerable prestige over the decades and enjoys a stellar reputation among students and teachers.

There are hundreds of courses on offer, and only the most brilliant and capable students are accepted into the university. Therefore, if you have the required grades and are looking to study in UK, then Oxford should be on your list.

In recent years, universities have coined more degree programs to meet the demand for computer science courses. However, The University of Oxford boasts one of the oldest departments in the country.

The department offers lectures for undergraduate students and also has excellent training facilities for postgraduate ones. Besides several fundamental computing subjects, the university also offers courses that combine the most relevant topics when it comes to computer science.

Examples include quantum computing, information systems, computational linguistics and many others. The undergraduate degrees on offer include computer science with honours, computer science and maths and computer science and philosophy as well.

University of Cambridge

Since we’re discussing the crème de la crème, we must mention The University of Cambridge. Another world-class institute that is regarded as one of the best, Cambridge has its excellent computer science study abroad programs.

Therefore, when seeking the best UK universities, Cambridge is well worth a look. Their phenomenal computer science department provides undergraduate students with the Computer Science Tripos course, which takes three or four years to complete.

For those who have already finished their bachelor’s degree and are looking for the best UK universities for computer science in postgraduate studies, then Cambridge offers an MPhil in computer science as well. Of course, a master’s degree is also provided to the best students.

Also, there are several research-oriented groups in the computer science department where the most pertinent subjects like artificial intelligence, computing security and architecture are studied.

University of Nottingham

Another viable option if you’re looking to study abroad is The University of Nottingham. Located in the Midlands, Nottingham is consistently among the top 100 universities worldwide.

With campuses in the UK as well as Malaysia and China, it enjoys an extraordinary reputation among students and employers across the globe. When it comes to computer science, Nottingham has a modern curriculum which includes computer science itself and is combined with other principles like artificial intelligence and even business modules like management studies.

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