A Guide to UK Universities Ranking Top in Medical Studies

We will be discussing top UK universities ranking that is known for its excellent medical programs.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford enjoys an excellent reputation in the medical and scientific fields. The teaching methodology of this university is much similar to Cambridge, few students under each tutor resulting in better focus. The University of Oxford has different small colleges that are part of the leading university.

The medical program is of 6 years, which entails of preclinical studies in the first three years, and the last three are dedicated to clinical placements. In the 3rd year of the program, BA in medical is started. If students clear their preclinical years, they enter into a BA degree program, which then makes them eligible for clinical placements.

University of Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the oldest university in the UK that offers extensive programs in almost every discipline and falls among top UK universities ranking. Every year hundreds of medical student graduate for this university ready to serve humanity. The concept of small teaching group under excellent supervision brings out best in every student, this teaching model in one of the best among all.

The University of Cambridge offers a full six years medicine program that involves a BA degree in its 3rd year, which is equivalent to the BSc degree. In the first three years, the program is more preclinical studies focused. This learning experience gives a clear understanding of the fundamentals. By the 4th year, students are placed in clinical rotations in different hospitals for firsthand experience.

Swansea University

Swansea University is not like the others; it welcomes medical students at the graduate program. The university was recognised as one of the ‘Top UK 30 of Research Excellence’ in 2014. They have maintained their standard in research until today and continue to bring excellence. The Swansea University enjoys the third position in UK universities ranking for medical studies.

They offer a 4-year graduate medicine program; in the first two years, students are provided with different learning opportunities along with an internship. In the last two years, the students are placed in various clinical settings in accordance to their specialisation interests.  Furthermore, there are different masters and PhD programs offered in the medical discipline.

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