Four Reasons to Study an MBA in London

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1. It Has Some of the Best Business Schools

London is home to a number of the most effective business schools within the world, with London graduate school, Imperial College London and university London all ranked within the top 50 globally (Financial Times 2017).

2. Graduates Earn More in London

Information published by salary comparison website Emolument showed that folks who add London earn on the average $90,000 more than those in other European cities like Munich and Paris.

Of the business schools mentioned above, MBA graduates can expect to earn $112,000 at Imperial College London, $121,000 at university and an enormous $154,000 at London graduate school, all but three years after graduation.

3. Unrivalled Access to Global Companies

London is one among the financial heavyweights of the world, and students will have access to a number of the world’s leading companies for work experience and employment.

Networking is additionally a large factor when studying an MBA and being in London will allow you to fulfil many various people from everywhere the world.

4. Student Diversity

London is home to several different cultures and nationalities from around the world, and students can expect to find out alongside them throughout their time within the capital.

93% of the scholars on the London business school MBA are international, 81% are at Cass and 88% at Imperial College London. You’ll make many new friends and feel right at home amongst students kind of like yourself.

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